As Hars Tractor ;

  • Knows its responsibility, without compromising quality, low cost, produces in order to benefit the environment and humanity.
  • It aims to acquire a brand in the world market with its technological, modern and innovative developments, entrepreneurial spirit.
  • It is a company that cares about dynamics and innovations, and does not avoid investing in research and development for this purpose.
  • Believes that the path to success is through honesty-discipline-planned and programmed work.
  • Provides education, vocational training and Human Development,
  • It is a reputable, stable, honest and reliable company with a long history.
  • Works to be the best in product and service, does not compromise on quality.
  • Takım ruhu ve adaletli çalışma ortamının inancını savunur.
  • Defends the belief of team spirit and Fair Work Environment.
  • Customer's ideas are always very important to the company. It determines its demands and expectations and follows and directs developments focused on it.
  • Sharing on the way to be useful to society-humanity-respect to prepare an environment for work from the framework of love, selfishness-waste and greed never compromise.

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